January 4, 2018

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions:

Website management service – £20/month

Upon completion of the website you are responsible for management of it from the time of publication, unless you choose our optional management service.

The “time of publication” means the point at which you confirm by email you are ready to go live and the website is registered with Google search console and / or configured with the Yoast SEO plugin.

If you take up the management service, the sum of £20 per month is payable in advance (via Paypal) and must be paid on the day of publication for the forthcoming month (£75 if combined with enhanced SEO package). It will continue to be paid on the same day each month by recurring payment set up on Paypal.

If payment is not made Invicta SEO Services & Web Design will contact you and establish reasons for non payment.

We reserve the right to cancel our service at any time after first notifying you of the decision.

You may cancel at any time before your next monthly payment is due.

Your 1 year free hosting is not affected.

In the event of cancellation you are responsible for management of the website at the end of the month for which you have paid, or sooner if you so wish.

You give us permission to pass on your personal information to third parties in order to obtain payments and provide services such as hosting.

Our management service will endeavour to protect your site against malware, hacking and viruses using Wordfence, security, plugins and anti spam measures, but we accept no responsibility whatsoever if your site is hacked or attacked by malware etc.

We do not offer any guarantees as to the effectiveness of security measures as this is beyond our control.

You agree that we are in no way responsible for any loss of earnings you incur as a result of your website being attacked and / or offline, or downtime as a result of problems with the host server, or any other issue affecting its online visibility or operation.

We will however ensure relevant plugins and Wordfence security are upto date, configured and correctly installed.

We will also ensure a backup is made of the site when published and continue to backup all updated content as part of our website management service.

If the management service is not required or is cancelled then you become responsible for backing up your website, file storage and for obtaining and paying for Secure File Transfer Protocol should you want it.

You will also take responsibility for reinstallation of your backup files.

6 page website for £199:

The website will be built using the WordPress theme Zerif lite.

Commerce sites which are intended primarily for the selling of products or services and taking payments/orders etc will be charged at a higher rate ,which will be set according to the complexity of the individual project.

You must supply all images for your website and only those that you have ownership of and are legally entitled to use.

We accept no responsibilty whatsoever for breach of copyright as we assume you have ownership of all images submitted for inclusion on your website.

consists of 5 original pages plus ‘Contact Us’ page

1 year’s free hosting with 1&1. After 1 year you can continue to use us for hosting or go to another provider.

You understand that the free features nornally incur additional costs and will need to be paid for after year 1, in addition to any management fee.

Domain name has to be renewed after 1 year. This is the responsibility of the customer and done at their own expense.

SSL certificate also must be renewed after 1 year.

You, the customer are responsible for ALL costs related to your domain name, hosting, security and email address after the first year.

You understand that all these features are over and above a standard hosting service, and incur additional expense for which you are responsible from the start of year 2 onwards.

Invicta SEO Services & Web Design will not pay for these services after the initial 12 months has elapsed.

We will continue to offer the management service but the cost will reflect the additional expenses.

Guaranteed improvement in Google search results

Guaranteed improvement in search results is based on you having had no Google penalties imposed at any time .

We must also have access to your Google Search Console account. Guarantee applies only to Google search results.

We guarantee an improvement in your organic search results ranking within 2 months of taking over your SEO/ content if above conditions apply. However, we would expect to see significant improvements much sooner than 2 months.

Improvements will apply to predetermined keywords we have identified and decided to target by mutual agreement.

At the outset of a SEO campaign specific target keywords will be discussed and confirmed as priority targets.

Additional costs for future edits, updates or new pages

Enhanced SEO package – £60/ month

This package is ONLY available to customers whose site has been created by Invicta SEO Services & Web Design.

The enhanced SEO package costs £60 / month and entitles the site owner to unlimited edits of existing content and 1 new page created per month after the site has been published and is live online.

It also includes 3 hours per month engaged in a longer term SEO strategy such as link and citation aquisition, analysis of the customer’s current link / citation profile and competitor analysis.

For new customers wanting to engage us for ongoing SEO / monthly package prices start at £99 / month which entitles them to 4 hours per month of SEO related work as described above, i.e. site analysis/ citations / links etc.

The purposes of which are to improve a website’s ranking in search results directly via the well known benefits of quality backlinks in particular ( and citations), and indirectly by improving Domain and Page Authority.

It does NOT include content edits, updates or new pages. These are charged separately.

The basic management service does not include content editing or any other changes / additions to the website other than for management purposes.

When the site goes live you will be supplied a username, password and have complete access to ALL areas of your website. This allows you to make any changes you wish or to add new pages.

Up until the site is published whatever revisions or additions to the content you require will be made, until you agree in writing (email) that you are happy with the website and for it to go live.

Once you have approved publication you become responsible for any changes and it is for you to decide if you want to do it yourself or engage a third person to act on your behalf.

If you want Invicta SEO Services & Web Design to do further work it will be charged at £20 per 30 minute period or part thereof , or £40 per hour. These prices are subject to an annual increase in January 2019.

If, for example, the work takes 50 mins then it will be treated as 1 hour and cost £40.

You will be given the price for the work before carrying it out.

You have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions.