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Long-Tail Keywords – What Are They & Why They’re Great For Small Businesses

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What are long-tail keywords?

They are longer and more specific keywords used when conducting an internet search. Their specific nature is also an indicator that the searcher is close to the point of buying a product or service rather than general browsing.

With the growth of voice search they are becoming ever more relevant as voice searches tend to use longer search terms and be more specific.

If you are a small business or startup in a highly competitive market sector you might find it almost impossible to get onto page 1 of search results when competing against large nationwide companies with a recognisable brand, or other long established and successful local companies who have built up considerable domain authority and a local reputation.

For example, if you sell men’s clothing and footwear you are never going to rank above the huge High Street shops and department stores that are household names if you want to rank for ‘mens shoes’ in your town or city.

The competition is just too great and page 1 is full of famous brands with excellent domain and page authority you can’t compete with. Although the volume of monthly searches is very large for those keywords so is the competition for them.

However, if you were to target more specific and detailed long-tail keywords and optimise your content and SEO accordingly it can be a different story. For example if you were to optimise for men’s jeans but in long-tail format you could rank very highly for more specific phrases like ‘men’s jeans Levis 501 black original fit’.

Yes, the search volume is much lower but you rank much higher because the big firms aren’t optimising for long-tail keywords. Suddenly you can get onto page 1 of Google and get your shop in front of people who are probably close to making that particular purchase.

10% of 100 searches is far better than 0% of 10,000.



When used intelligently and properly researched to identify the most relevant long-tail keywords they can be of great benefit to smaller, local businesses.

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